Residential Security

Home Security


We offer powerful, customized security systems ideal for homes of any scope or size.  Every system is tailored to meet your exact requirements and can grow with your changing needs.

No two customers are ever the same, we have several product lines available to fit your every need.

Smart Home Automation


 We are your go to choice for smart homes. With the largest list of smart home products, SMS provides more choices for our customers. So what does that mean for you? It means that we can customize your smart home to meet your needs.

Residential Video Surveillance


We offer the latest in both Wired and Wireless Residential Video Solutions.  

All our systems are designed to fit your exact needs and are accessible through any Smart Device, PC or Tablet from anywhere in the world.

Fire & Disaster Prevention


We offer a full line of Fire & Life Safety products, as well as water detection and automated water shut off systems.

24/7 365 Alarm Monitoring


You can rest peacefully knowing your home and family are protected.  Our Alarm Monitoring is all UL Listed and available 24/7.

Call us Today


We are here for you 24/7.  Call us any time with questions or concerns.  406-245-1533