Commercial & Industrial Security/Fire

Commercial Fire


 We care about your safety. With over 20 years of experience in fire alarm systems, we provide you with smart, integrated solutions, designed to let you rest assured that your lives will not only be protected, but quickly and effectively saved. 

 We provide you with products and solutions that are reliable, flexible and customer-specific. Our integrated approach offers you effective fire safety with maximum flexibility. All our products can be combined easily and individually so that a complete solution is achieved with components from one source. Tailored to your individual needs, our fire alarm systems address complex, mid-sized and small applications in every respect. You can rest assured we will fully support you throughout your projectand expertise during every step of your project; whether it be planning, system integration , installation and use, or maintenance and repair. 

Commercial Security


 Protect people and property with security you can rely on. From simple installations to extensive projects, we offer customizable solutions to address the challenges you face every day. 

 Our control panels are designed to easily integrate with access control, fire, home and building automation, IP video, and more. Our customers get complete peace of mind with only one system to learn, use and maintain. Plus, a single system lowers installation and maintenance costs, while enabling more robust security by intelligently linking each security and life safety domain.